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WRKBKS.co – Custom Notebooks

WRKBKS.co – Custom Notebooks

WRKBKS.co is a personal side-hustle of mine. I create personalized notebooks for individual subjects. The idea to create a business from this idea came to me when I have often struggled to maintain the consistent organization of notes within a specific subject. Primarily while writing a screenplay. I struggled to keep all my notes together in one place, and would usually start a new thought directly after another, which would limit me in adding new information to the previous. I needed a way to compartmentalize ideas and keep them organized. Characters together, relationships together, and a general outline of the screenplay. I couldn’t find anything out there like that. So I decided to make my own. Well, it’s still in the development process because I want to make sure I get it right before printing them and selling them to other screenwriters.

But I knew that there were other subjects besides screenwriting that I could design books for, so I decided to create 2 subjects that I knew much more about. Golf and Film Photography. Since I had this idea and a name of a company to go along with the idea, I created these two books first, just to get the ball rolling. WRKBKS.co, an obvious misspelling of Work Books, represents the missing information that you have to fill in.

Since launching in September 2021, I’ve sold over 150 Golf books, and 75 Film books as of mid-April 2022. Each at $12 apiece. I currently have 5 more notebooks in the works and plan to keep adding after those.