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Duke Realty Location Shooting

Duke Realty Location Shooting

Duke Realty wanted to build a campaign around individuals located at their various building projects. We were sent coast to coast to photograph these employees in their environment. Each one with a different job at varying stages of the building process. We traveled to Atlanta, Georgia; Newark, New Jersey; Los Angeles, California; and Miami, Florida.

The project ideas started in 2019 with a plan to shoot in 2020. Yeah, the middle of the pandemic. We postponed the shoot a bit but charged ahead when we felt we could leave the state, and most importantly, return. Flights were a breeze, and everything went smoothly. The only problem was that I was originally planning on staying a couple of extra days in LA and NYC. But because of the pandemic, nothing was open, and NYC wouldn’t let out-of-state visitors in. So we made a round trip to each location in less than 48 hours. 14 individual flights in total with connections and layovers.